Practice Areas

Real Estates

  • Title diligence and underlying property and issuing reports.
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of joint venture agreements, investment agreements and shareholders agreements, project management contracts and other services contracts.
  • Advising on purchase, leasing, licensing arrangements, sale and leaseback arrangements.
  • Formulation of joint development agreements and similar agreements for the development of the property.
  • Advising on the applicable local regulations including land-use regulations, zoning regulations, stamp duties and registration formalities.
  • Advising on entry strategy for potential investors in the real estate sector and structuring of investment instruments including on waterfall structures and exits.

Dispute Resolution

  • Determining a dispute resolution strategy.
  • Drafting necessary pleadings and statement.
  • Liaising with specialized council.
  • Attending hearings in various courts and other fora along with specialised council.



  • National Company Law Tribunal
  • Customs Authority
  • Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Supreme Court of India
  • High Courts across India
  • Income Tax Appellate Tribunal across India
  • Authority of Advance Ruling
  • Dispute Resolution Panel
  • Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Consumer Redressal Forum
  • Revenue Tribunals and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

  • Advising companies investing in distressed companies undergoing insolvency proceedings.
  • Advising clients on initiating IBC proceedings.
  • Defending writ petitions filed by distressed companies.

Intellectual Property

  • Registration of trademarks, copyrights and patents.
  • Prosecution and management of trademarks, copyrights, design, and patent portfolios for clients, including conducting clearance searches, initiation of opposition, cancellation or rectification actions against third parties where necessary as well as providing ‘watch’ services.
  • Advising and counselling clients in relation to their overall intellectual property protection and enforcement strategy in India, including undertaking anti-counterfeiting actions and other contentious proceedings before various tribunals, High courts and other Courts in India.
  • Representation of clients on various contentious matters in the areas of trademark, trade dress, designs, copyrights and patent infringement, comparative and false advertising, trade secrets and confidential information.
  • Drafting, negotiation and advising clients on trademark, patent and technology licensing and acquisitions, co-branding franchising, software license agreements, research and technology collaboration agreements.
  • Conducting brand and intellectual property audits including audits on intellectual property management practices adopted by a company.
  • Customs recordal and border enforcement strategies for reputed brands.
  • Advisory services in relation to all types of intellectual property, including advertisement clearances, intermediary liability issues and advice on data protection and privacy.

Human Resources Law (Employment and Labour) Expertise

  • Assisting clients in their overall strategy for recruiting and retaining employees. We assist clients in drafting and reviewing employment documentation including offer letters and employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, IP assignment agreements, non-compete and non-solicit agreements, training bonds, consultancy agreements, secondment and deputation agreements, severance and release agreements, etc.
  • HR Law practice group at Vidhigya Associates provides specializes in drafting customized Employee Handbooks to suit the requirements of the clients. The handbook is structured to incorporate precise detailed clauses on standard employment practices including in relation to vacation / leave policies, prohibition of harassment, employment benefits, discipline and grievance, separation, confidential information, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • We advise our clients on the structuring of a tax-efficient compensation package.
  • Our advice extends to the applicability of various HR Laws in India, both Central and State, including the Industrial Disputes Act, the Employees’ Provident Fund Act, Trade Unions Act, Payment of Bonus Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Contract Labour Regulations, the state-specific Shops & Establishments enactments, etc. to name a few. 
  • We also advise our clients on applicability of HR Laws, the obligations and compliances thereunder, and the consequences of non-compliance, issues related to provident fund contributions, payment of gratuity, payment of bonus, superannuation/retirement benefits, termination of employment, hours of work, leave/ holiday entitlement, employee health and safety regulations, discrimination and harassment issues, etc.
  • We therefore advise clients on strategies for employment termination, downsizing and reduction in force. This includes advising on applicable labour laws and employment laws, apart from guidance on regulatory requirements mandated for employers. 
  • Our service includes advising clients on the litigation strategy, drafting and issuing legal notices, responding to legal notices, drafting claim documents representing the clients before labour courts and high courts, and coordinating with local counsel to pursue litigation in the appropriate courts across India.

Contracts & Agreements

  • Drafting: We undertake the drafting of various contracts and agreements to suit the needs and situation of the clients.

    Facility Agreements | Mortgage Deeds | Personal Guarantees

    Corporate Guarantees | Service Agreements| Sale & Supply Agreements

    Technical Agreements | Franchisee Agreements| Confidentiality Agreements

    Procurement Agreements | Tri-partie agreements | Joint Venture Agreements

    Authorisation Agreements | Marketing Agreements| Job Work Agreements

    Licencing Agreements | Non – Disclosure Agreements| Toll manufacturing Agreements


    Legal Vetting: We undertake a careful and critical examination of documents to be executed in terms of law.

    Due Diligence, Advisory and Implementation: Due Diligence is an investigation, audit or review performed to confirm the facts of a matter under consideration. Any loophole in a transaction can invite unforeseen business liability. We always strive for business excellence and ensure all precautions are taken before executing them.