General/Strategic Management

  • Providing legal opinions and advice; 
  • Advising on Legal Structure of the organization; 
  • Business policy strategy and planning; 
  • Conducting due diligence and preparation of due diligence report; 
  • Drafting and issuing title search reports; 
  • Drafting of Legal documents (including but not limited to demand notices, board  resolutions, special resolutions, agreements, contracts, indenture of mortgage,  memorandum of entry, declaration, deed of hypothecation, corporate guarantee,  personal guarantee, project documents) including negotiations; 
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Advising companies on Compliance of legal and procedural aspects, particularly under- 

  • Companies Act, SEBI Act, SCRA and rules and regulations made thereunder
  • Labour and Industrial Laws 
  • Consumer Protection Act 
  • Mergers and Amalgamations and Strategic Alliances 
  • Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures 
  • Setting up foreign subsidiaries in India 
  • Co-operative Societies Act 
  • IPR Protection, Management, Valuation and Audit 
  • Environment and Pollution Control Laws


Representation Services

Representing and appearing in various courts including the following: 

  • NCLT, DRT, High Court and other tribunals; 
  • Regional Director; 
  • Registrar of Companies; 
  • Consumer Forums; 
  • Tax Authorities; 
  • Other quasi-judicial bodies and Tribunals & 
  • Acting as Arbitrator 

Corporate Laws Advisory Services


  • Advising on good governance practices and compliance of Corporate Governance norms as prescribed under various Corporate, Securities and Other Business Laws and regulations and guidelines made thereunder; 
  • Promotion, formation and incorporation of companies and matters related therewith;
  • Filing, registering any document including forms, returns and applications by and on behalf of the company as an authorized representative; 
  • Arranging board/general meetings and preparing minutes thereof &
  • All work relating to shares and their transfer and transmission 

Arbitration and Conciliation Services

  • Advising on arbitration, negotiation and conciliation in commercial disputes between the parties 
  • Drafting Arbitration/Conciliation Agreement 

Finance Services

  • Determination of an appropriate capital structure 
  • Analysis of capital investment proposals 
  • Loan syndication